Full movie – Devils gate

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Mystery & Suspense

Full movie – Devils gate:

Short link to this movie: http://www.bumpclick.com/devilsgate

Description: Rachael is called to travel home by ex-boyfriend Rafe, to a small bleak island in the North sea that she ran away from some 5 years ago to find her wayward mother. The pretense is that her father Jake is dying. Matt, a city boy, island hopping to take in the festival of fire, hears that she has been tricked, for Jake is not dying. Matt hangs around to ensure her safety. A love triangle forms, with Rachael, the least interested and keen to leave, but clues to her mothers whereabouts appear, as do her own problems which both Rafe and Matt wish to help with. Nothing is what it seems, and no one will be the same again, as the truth begins to surface in very dangerous circumstances. There will be a burning.


Full movie – The inside man

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Mystery & Suspense

Full movie – The inside man:

Short link to this movie: http://www.bumpclick.com/theinsideman

Description:  Staring Dennis Hopper, the Inside Man is based on a real-life incident during the days of the Cold War when a Soviet submarine was spotted in Swedish waters.

Full movie – The house on haunted hill:

Short link to this movie – http://www.bumpclick.com/houseonhauntedhill

Description: Frederick Loren has invited five strangers to a party of a lifetime. He is offering each of them $10,000 if they can stay the night in a house. But the house is no ordinary house. This house has reputation for murder. Frederick offers them each a gun for protection. They will all arrived in a hearse and will either leave in it $10,000 richer or leave in it dead.

Full movie – Stupid teenagers must die:

Short link to this movie – http://www.bumpclick.com/stupidteenagersmustdie

Description: It’s the 1980’s and a group of teenagers are getting together to hold a seance in a haunted house. All the typical 80’s horror movie characters are there: the cool hero, the innocent girlfriend, the goth chick, the tough guy, the beautiful blonde girl, the shy guy in love with the beautiful blonde girl, a couple of lipstick lesbians and two big geeks. In true low budget 80’s horror movie fashion, weird things start happening around the house. One dimensional characters are dying preposterously bloody deaths, girls are getting naked for no apparent reason and people walk into dangerous, pitch black rooms saying classic lines like, “Is someone in here?” As the poor, hapless kids are sliced and diced, it’s up to our hero to lead the remaining survivors to safety before the house is filled with stupid dead teenagers.

Full movie – Pool party

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Comedy movies

Full movie – Pool party:

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Description: Admit it – we like pool party movies, even if the plot might not be the most amazing thrilling/comedy. But with an avalanche of beautiful girls in bikini, we can free an hour and a half and laugh a bit.
To put the plot simply: It’s your standard-guy-fails-bar-exam-loses-girlfriend-works-for-a-lunatic-and-is-stalked-by-a-monkey-clown story …

Full documentary – ABC Colombia

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Documentaries

Full documentary – ABC Colombia:

Short link to this movie: http://www.bumpclick.com/documentaryabccolumbia

Description: Through the eyes of children, a look at life in a rural community controlled by paramilitary forces.

Full documentary – Yellow stone national park:

Short link to movie: http://www.bumpclick.com/yellowstone

Description: As one of America’s most popular destinations, Yellowstone National Park has attracted millions of visitors. Here you will see all the sights: geysers, lakes, waterfalls, lightning storms and hot springs including Old Faithful! Located in northern Wyoming, Yellowstone abounds in wildlife from baby elk to the mighty bison and moose, each lending its individual beauty to the landscape. Amongst the awe-inspiring scenery stands the majestic Grand Teton mountain range with its rugged peaks, beautiful lakes and crystal-clear streams.